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The School Day  
8.45am doors open
8.55am school starts
8.45am doors open
8.55am school starts
8.45am doors open
8.55am school starts


Whole School Attendance Record for the Academic Year

Week 1​Week 2​Week 3 ​Week 4​Week 5​Week 6​Week 7​Week 8
Autumn 193.6%​90.5%​90.4%94.6%​​91.1​%​​​90.1%​​95.5%​​​%​​​
​Autumn 2%​​%​%​​​%​​​%​​​%​​​%​​​
​Spring 1%​​%​​%​​​​%​​​%​​​​%​​​​
​Spring 2%​​%​​​%​​%​​​%​​​​%
​Summer 1%​​%​​%​​​%​​​%​​​​​​%​​​
​Summer 2​%​%​%​​​%​​​%​​​​%​​​​%​​

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Attend​​ance and Punctuality 

You will appreciate that, by law, children must attend school regularly. Periods of absence are harmful to a child’s education and need to be kept to a minimum. Each school day counts and missing just a few makes it harder for your child to achieve their full potential.
98%-100% attendance
190 school days
Best chance of success for your child
96% attendance
180 school days +
Best chance of success for your child
90%-95% attendance
171 school days +
Less chance of success for your child
85%-89% attendance
161 school days +
Serious concern
Serious concern
Less than 85%
Court action!
Punctuality is also a major factor in how a child progresses. Even just a few minutes late at the start of each day can affect how much your child achieves. Where a child is late (not in the classroom by 8.55am) then they are required to attend a Guided Reading or Phonics session booster at lunchtime for approximately 10-15 minutes. This is to ensure that all children receive their educational entitlement. The following table highlights the impact a few minutes each day has on your child’s learning:
5 minutes late each day
2 teaching days lost
Approximately 0.5 week
10 minutes late each day
6.5 teaching days lost
Approximately 1 week
15 minutes late each day
10 teaching days lost
2 weeks
20 minutes late e​ach day
13 teaching days lost
Approximately 2.5 weeks
30 minutes late each day
19 teaching days lost
Approximately 4 weeks
When children are absent from school we need either a letter or telephone call as soon as possible. We are required by law to keep an accurate record of attendance. All poor attendance (below 96%) will be rigorously challenged and families supported to ensure that their children attend school every day.
It is now a legal requirement for schools to publish their figures for both authorised and unauthorised absence.
An authorised absence (usually in the case of illness) is one for which we have notification from parents either verbally, in writing or by telephone. Holidays during term time will not be approved by the school and are classed as unauthorised absences in accordance with government regulations.
Truancy and absences without explanation are also unauthorised absences and will be investigated by the Family Support and Home Liaison Officer. In cases where a pupil’s attendance is below 90% or there have been 5+ unauthorised absences an investigation will occur which may also result in legal proceedings.  
Reporting a Pupil Absence and Procedures
Due to updated guidance in relation to children missing from education from the local authority, it is crucial that we are told of your child’s absence by 9.15am in order to record information accurately. In light of this we would like to remind you that failure to call or respond to the Groupcall message will initiate a reason for absence letter which will be posted to your home address on the first day of absence. This letter will prompt you to call or return the slip with a reason.
In line with the local authority guidance if we fail to make contact with you within 3 days and have made reasonable enquiries via contacting family, neighbours and/or conducting a home visit we have a duty to notify the Local Authority that your child is potentially missing from education. It is therefore very important that we are notified of any absence on a daily basis. Thank you for your co-operation.
Please click the icon below for details of the school procedures for a child absence:
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