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Stanville Primary School

 Welcome to Stanville Primary School
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This site is intended to inform all members of the community, both children and parents, of events happening at Stanville Primary School, Sheldon and the City of Birmingham. You will find information about school trips and events as well as adult education courses. In addition, whole school newsletters, event dates, education resources and sites will be available and updated regularly. We hope to build upon this site and value your input. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!   

Why not check out our Parent Voice page to see how the MyEd icon.jpgcommunity rates the performance of Stanville Primary School?

You can also discover more about the school via the MyEd link.

by Mr A Runacres
 20/09/2019 18:06
Dinner Menus 2019-2020 
by andy
 16/09/2019 13:25
Term Dates for Academic Years 
by Mr A Runacres
 13/09/2019 21:58
Sports Newsletter 
by Mr A Runacres
 13/09/2019 21:58
Attendance and Punctuality 
by andy
 13/09/2019 21:56
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