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Last update: 11th September 2020

Return to School Information for Parents and Guardians

This part of the school website has been designated as a means of communication for all of the school community regarding access arrangements in light of Covid-19 and the re-opening of schools following the national lockdown. It remains essential that you check for updates regularly and read all information relating to site access and the school day as it becomes available as it will impact upon both you and your child(ren).

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support regarding this process as together we can ensure the school remains a safe environment for all.


What is Happening in September?Covid - Return to school leaflet image.jpg

The Government has stated that the expectation is such that all pupils will be required to return to school in September. For this to happen schools are required to implement appropriate measures that ensure the highest level of safety for children, staff and the community. This is in line with guidance and requirements as outlined by the Department for Education and Birmingham City Council.

This will mean that there will be a series of changes which will impact upon all of the school community as we adopt a new level of "normality". This will mean that school can no longer be as open and welcoming as we have in the past as it is essential that we minimise the risk to everyone and reduce the possibility of infection and potential lockdown. As a result school life will be quite different for all with a new set of routines and rules implemented for the foreseeable future.

Accessing the School Site - update

You may have seen on the news and in the press that Covid-19 cases are rising in the Birmingham area at an increased rate. There have also been positive tests in schools in the local area which has resulted in class closures for all children where the test originated. For this reason the government has imposed new legislation that comes into effect from Monday 14th September 2020 which states no gatherings of more than 6 adults and children.

face mask icon.jpgAt present we have been fortunate to not have any cases at Stanville Primary since we re-opened but this is unlikely to continue if we don't all work together and follow the guidelines. We know the new measures are inconvenient but they are intended to safeguard everyone and ensure the school remains open. For these reasons please adhere to the following requirements when bringing your child(ren) to and from school:

  • Always follow the 1 way system in operation on site
  • Only 1 adult per family allowed on site
  • Only access the site at the time your child(ren)'s class are allowed to arrive/depart (do not come too early and wait on site!)
  • Stay a safe distance (2m) from all others on site - children, parents and staff
  • Children must remain with their family group until they have been passed to the relevant staff
  • Children must not enter/leave the school site unaccompanied
  • Face coverings should be worn by adults as they access the site
  • Access to the school building is by appointment only
  • Please do not wait on site and once you have passed your child(ren) to staff or collected leave the site immediately
  • Do not gather on the school site or at the main entrance as this increases the risk for all. Please leave the site and return at the correct time if necessary
  • Any families who intentionally and continually disregard the guidelines which may put others at risk face the possibility of no longer being able to access the school site

We appreciate that this is not ideal for anyone, but it is in line with current guidance and is intended to safeguard children, parents and staff. Your assistance with these requirements is apreciated.

What Do I Need to Know?Return to school Map icon.jpg
There are many different things being put in place that will assist with your child(ren) returning to school safely. Please click the icon to the right for a generic overview of the re-opening process, but for more class specific information please refer to the information below. which will cover aspects such as:
  • Timings for arrival and collection at school
  • How to access the school site
  • School uniform and items that may be brought to school
  • Class groups and structure of the school day including breaks and lunchtimes
  • Social distancing requirements and Health and Safety arrangements
  • Behaviour expectations of all site users
  • Communication with the school/staff
  • What to do in the event of suspected Covid-19 illness

Class or phase specific information can be located by clicking the icons below

 Year N.jpgYear R.jpgYear 1.jpgYear 2.jpgYear 3.jpgYear 4.jpgYear 5.jpgYear 6.jpg

What about Wraparound Club and Wake Up, Shake Up access? - update

Wraparound Club provision still remain unavailable in light of the new guidelines. This decision is to evaluate the new rulings regarding safe numbers and the increase in cases in the Birmingham area.

We are still exploring the possibility of reinstating this in the near future and will provide updates as and when they become available. If you are interested in this provision should it re-open then please email so we can update you as well. 

Wake Up, Shake Up continues to be on hold and will not commence before  the re-opening of Wraparound Club. We will of course provide updates for this as well once they become available. 

Again this will be frustrating for many parents but it is in line with government guidance:

Consistent groups reduce the risk of transmission by limiting the number of pupils and staff in contact with each other to only those within the group... Maintaining distinct groups or ‘bubbles’ that do not mix makes it quicker and easier in the event of a positive case to identify those who may need to self-isolate, and keep that number as small as possible.

Endeavouring to keep these groups at least partially separate and minimising contacts between children will still offer public health benefits as it reduces the network of possible direct transmission.

At this moment in time the governors of the school are of the opinion that caution is the best approach when managing the initial return of all children and staff. This decision will however be under constant review and we will notify parents and families if there are any changes regarding either of these services. 

What if I Have a Concern or Question?

We recognise that even with all that we are doing to minimise risk and safety for all site users there will always be elements that we may miss. If you have any concerns or questions then of course you are welcome to contact the school via telephone or email. We will do our best to respond to such concerns as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you will not be able to speak to your child's class teacher directly at the start or end of the day as we need to observe an effective level of social distancing.

If your concern or question is related to your child(ren)'s class work you can email the relevantemail icon.png year group email address (e.g.,, etc.). Please be aware though this is only to be used in relation to class work. Any other enquiries will be forwarded to the Pastoral and Safeguarding Team.

If you have a pastoral or similar concern about the well-being of your child or the new systems operating within the school then please contact the email address. This is to be used for all other aspects of school life apart from class work. We also of course Phone icon.pngstill have the main school email address for all other communications ( and the main telephone number (0121 464 2322). A member of the Administration Staff, Senior Leadership Team or Pastoral and Safeguarding Team will address such enquiries.

Additional Information

Please access the following links for additional support and assistance for families and children.

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